Telus International staff bribed by Islamic Republic to remove Instagram accounts of journalists and activists back in May 2022

Instagram subcontracts it content moderation to Telus International. Telus International is a Canadian company and its Persian-language moderators are based in Germany. Many Iranian bloggers and news outlets have complained that some of their content is being deleted or their account has been limited going all the way back to May 2022. 1500tasvir reported in […]

The roles and leadership of the IRGC branches

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) – also referred to as Sepah from its name in Persian (Sepāh-e Pāsdārān-e Enqelâb-e Eslâmī, literally ‘Army of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution’) – is a parallel military force tasked with defending the regime against internal and external threats. In practice, it is the primary tool that the Islamic Republic regime […]

Summary of:
Islamic Republic’s
Cyber Army and
10,000+ Basij Cyber
Paramilitary Force

COUNCIL: The highest government body that dealswith the cyberspace is a newly-establishedorganization named the High Council ofCyberspace (shoray-e aali-e fazaye majazi). In March of 2012 this new structure wasset up on the orders of Ayatollah Khameneiwith the mission of instituting high-levelpolicies on cyberspace. After the foundation of the high council ofcyberspace, all other Iranian organizationsin […]

Dozens walk out on Islamic Republic foreign minister at UN Human Rights Council

Diplomats and NGO representatives staged a mass walkout at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHCR) in Geneva on Monday, as the Islamic Republic’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian took to the podium to address the council. The walkout was prompted by calls from activists, many using the hashtag #walkoutIRI, who demanded the symbolic action as a […]