Islamic Republic’s Cyberspace goals by Hossein Ronaghi

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Governmental, security, cyber and insecure accounts are part of the executive arm of security and advertising apparatuses to advance propaganda and governance goals in cyberspace, which should be blocked and boycotted. Their goals can be summarized as follows:

1- Creating distrust towards political activists and people towards each other.

2- To divert public opinion from the main issues and attract attention with marginal issues

3- Identifying and infiltrating among normal users with the aim of collecting personal information.

4- Producing fake news with the aim of disbelieving other news and topics raised in the society.

5- Promoting the discourse of the government and advertising for it.

These accounts can be divided into two general categories:

a) Accounts that are active with a real identity or security and government alias. These accounts operate under real or pseudonymous names, but without fear of being recognized as the government’s propaganda arm. The main reason for such an approach is the need to promote and quantitatively increase government supporters and advance propaganda in cyberspace. (Government related accounts are included in this category)

b) Cyber or insecure accounts that operate under the guise of opposition to the government and supporters of political movements against the government. Under normal conditions, these accounts support and produce content for the opposition movement of the government that they claim to support, so that by creating trust among the audience, they can achieve the goals mentioned at the beginning of the text in their desired conditions. The main use of such accounts, apart from creating division and insecure activity, is to hurt and harm the faction that they claim to support. (For example, Jupiter’s Twitter account is a cyber account)

What happens in practice is an obvious coordination between cyber and security accounts so that the repression system can achieve its desired goals from outside and inside the opposition. Identifying such accounts seems to be difficult, especially in the short term, because there may be unwanted suspicious behavior from some normal users. But with the passage of time, it is possible to identify and boycott unsafe accounts with certainty.

Among their characteristics, trying to mislead the audience, trying to identify the identity of users, publishing strange or highly controversial content to attract the audience, creating differences and multiple factions, as well as publishing a report and false news in a sensitive situation (may be misleading) targeting the audience even if part of that news is true) or fueling counter-intelligence (for example, the false news of the assassination of a person in Tehran or the escape of government agents from the country) and deception and destruction of campaigns.

“Cyber and insecure accounts don’t always lie to us!”

Let’s not forget that these cyber and insecure accounts don’t always lie to us! These accounts often use analyzes and literature that may be of interest to us as well, in order to influence the words and gain the trust of the audience. They know their job well and know that they need to provide statistics and information and correct analyzes to inject a few calculated lies. In general, to identify cyber and security accounts, we must look for their contradictions and deliberate mistakes; Because you can hear logical and correct words from each of them.

“Without research, analysis, and documentation, we should not accept any issue or proposition and refer to common sense or rational judgment and critical thinking in order to put together this array of lies and deception.”

One of the important actions of users to disable the cycle of distrust and discrediting and the propaganda machine can be blocking and boycotting cyber and insecure accounts. Without research, analysis and documentation, we should not accept any issue or statement and refer to common sense or rational judgment and critical thinking to collect this lie and deception together. Know and boycott government, cyber and insecure accounts.

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