Systematic student poisoning at Iranian schools continues

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A mysterious wave of illness gripped schoolgirls in Iran with many hospitalized after complaining of nausea, vomiting, headache and breathing difficulties. Now a senior health official has said that the students could have been deliberately poisoned as some extremists sought the closure of schools.

Some of the documented events

30th Nov 2022 – Honerestan Noor Yasdan Shahr
Dec 13th 2022 – Honerestan Noor Yasdan Shahr
Jan 28th 2023 – Fatemiyeh School Qom
Jan 30th 2023 – Fatemiyeh School Qom
Feb 1st 2023 – Beghes Borgeyi School
Feb 5th 2023 – Gharyati Girls high School, Meysam, Taha & Emami
Feb 6th 2023 – Fatemeh Zahra School, Shahed Razavi, Seyed Hassan Bergheey School of arts
Feb 13th 2023 – Rehyatey Nabi High School Feb 28th 2023- Kamhayam High School

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