Azad Rezaei, 25, killed on Mar 27th 2023 by the IRGC forces

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According to a relative of the Rezaei family, police forces shot at Azad Rezaei who was inside his Peugeot 405. He was hit by the forces from behind and died instantly. Azad, who was the driver of this car, was traveling in the city with his three other friends, and the police claimed that they did not pay attention to their checkpoint and that’s why they shot at him. A claim that his family and friends deny. The body of Azad Rezai who recently got married is in the medical examiner’s office and will be handed over to his family tomorrow. 25-year-old Azadrezaei was from the Qalkhani tribe and a native of Banibid village, a member of Gehwarah district of Dalaho city, and a resident of Kermanshah. Message by Farid Najafi, has an attachment.

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