Juvenile Offender Hossein Shahbazi Scheduled To Be Executed on May 28th 2023

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Hossein Shahbazi, 22, is at risk of imminent execution in relation to a crime that took place when he was just 17 years old. His trial was grossly unfair and his torture-tainted
“confessions” were used to convict him. Iranian authorities have scheduled his execution for Sunday 28 May, in violation of the absolute prohibition on the use of the death penalty against people who were children at the time of the offence for which they have been convicted.
Mr. Shahbazi was arrested for fatally stabbing a classmate during a fight between four individuals. The court relied in part on confessions obtained under torture and ill-treatment when Mr. Shahbazi, who is now 20, was interrogated by police for 11 days. During this time, he was also denied access to a lawyer and his family.

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