Update on Toomaj Salehi’s Legal Case

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Toomaj Salehi’s elected lawyer announced the return of the singer’s case from the court to the prosecutor’s office and emphasized that the prosecutor’s office has not yet implemented the court’s orders for more than a month.
In an interview with “Shabeke Shara’, Attorney Amir Raisian pointed out the latest details of the case of Toomai Salehi, the singer and his client, and stated: “After Toomaj Salehi was arrested, due to the prohibition of the subject of Article 48 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the Prosecutor’s Office Isfahan did not allow lawyers other than those approved by the judiciary to appear in the case, and for this reason, the lawyer of my colleague and I was not accepted at this stage. “The ban was not legal’

He continued: “After repeated appeals, the court accepted our representation in the case. Therefore, the studv of the case and related measures to remove the arrest, as well as carrying out medical procedures and removing the restrictions imposed on his visit, were done immediately, and more or less orders were also issued so that Toomaj Salehi could visit his father on a weekly basis.
The chosen lawyers of Toomaj Salehi also met with him and said: “We were waiting for the court’s action for the hearing, and finally in March, we were notified of the issue of Article 387 of the law, and in response to that, objections were made to the case. We brought it to the notice of the honorable court, and after some time, the court accepted the relevant objections and sent the case back to the prosecutor’s office to fix the deficiencies in the investigation.
Raisan stated: “We have been waiting for the prosecution to fulfill the court’s orders since more than a month ago
Even last Tuesday, we were informed that an investigation session would be held on Thursday, 7th of Ordibehest and despite the fact that the notification was not done in a legal manner, we showed up at the investigation branch on this day, but unfortunately it was announced that the investigator was not present. “Another date will be set and the meeting was not held due to the absence of the investigator. Stating that “since the case returned to the court, we do not have access to the case again”, he said:
“Due to the lack of access to the case by lawyers in the court, we do not know the order of the court to fix the defects of the investigation related to which of Toomaj Salehi’s accusations.” but legally, the case will be returned from the court to the prosecutor’s office only when the defect has been removed.
He also said about Toomai Salehi’s accusations: “There are 5 accusations in Tomaj Salehi’s case. The first charge is corruption on earth, the subject of Article 286 of the Islamic Penal Code. The second charge refers to Article 500 of the Punishment and Propaganda Law against the regime. The third charge is cooperation with the hostile government under Article 508 of the Penal Code. The fourth charge is the subiect of Article 512 of the Penal Code and is related to inviting people to kill and riot. His last charge is the subiect of Article 514 of the Penal Code and is related to insulting the leadership.
The source of this article is Shargh Daily.

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