Hamed Esmaeilion Withdraws from ADFI

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Hamed Esmaeilioun announced in a social medic message that he has resigned from the “Solidarity Council for Democracy and Freedom in Iran” and emphasized that he will continue to cooperate with the forces committed to democracy by focusing on the efforts to overthrow the Islamic Republic.
His letter
“A report to the people
I was in the litigation movement campaign when Mahsa Gina Amini was killed, the revolutionary uprising of the Iranian people began, and I joined the revolution like millions of Iranians. A revolution that has emerged from the depth of Iranian society and follows the most progressive

From the beginning of the revolution, I worked shoulder to shoulder with my friends in the Association of Flight Families, the families of the dead in the last 44 years, and the community of Iranians abroad, to reflect the voices of the people inside Iran. For a long time, the world trembled under the feet of the opponents of the Islamic Republic, and what could be more beautiful than this solidarity?
In addition to trying to organize demonstrations by talking to the authorities of democratic countries and establishing internet campaigns, we tried to confront the government of the Islamic Republic as the only enemy of all of us with international pressure.
In the following months, I consulted with many people and finally the idea of writing a charter and gathering some opponents to sign a joint text and then practical cooperation came up. I tried so that the different and colorful views of the Iranian society should be reflected in the final text of the charter.
expected that after the publication of the charter, the work of organizing to effectively help the Iranian revolution would begin, so I tried to attract new ideas and transfer them to the solidarity group by talking to experts and experienced people.
From the beginning, there were problems and obstacles in the way of organizing, designing and implementing practical plans in the solidarity group, and of course, good ideas were raised in this group, which I pursued their implementation. I don’t think there is a more important task than helping the Iranian revolution, including trying to design and implement the organization of a free internet.

helping the victims and helping people in protests and strikes and other forms of civil disobedience, such as Iranian women’s resistance to wearing the mandatory hijab in public places. It existed or exists in the current months, so I tried to stay away from noises, pressures and unreasonable requests, and focus on serious plans.
But unfortunately, the work in this field did not go well in the solidarity group. Pressure groups from outside the group tried to impose their positions on the group with undemocratic methods.
The imposition of opinion is not included in democracy, and the agreement of group members, not just a member of it, is a condition of democratic movement.
The idea of solidarity is a progressive idea that needs to be prepared and the most important thing is that all members of that group or institution, and not just the vast majority, understand the importance of the issue.
The competition of discourses and programs and policies is natural, but trying to remove and impose other undemocratic methods has nothing to do with democratic behavior.
Both I and other friends inside and outside the solidarity group tried to prevent this from happening. We were optimistic until the last moment, but it was useless. In the middle of passivity and fruitless conflicts, futile fights were ignited, in which the blood of those who were killed and the suffering of those who are in pain are overshadowed.
With what has happened, I have decided to leave the Solidarity Council for Organization and Democracy.

In my opinion, the main focus should still be on overthrowing the Islamic Republic and accompanying the people of Iran and supporting them, and I am working in this way.
I believe in the victory of the people’s revolution and I believe that the revolution must continue to be led in Iran and our work abroad is ultimately to empower the people, networks and institutions inside the country, to accompany the revolutionary people and to provide facilities that serve them.
The current values in my life are still freedom, social justice, fair trial and environmental justice for Iran, and I will continue the work of organizing, which I have started several months ago together with motivated forces and especially young people from abroad, and together We will pursue the free internet plan and several other plans in cooperation with forces committed to democracy. In this regard, intend to talk with many groups, political and civic figures, so that these cooperations become more widespread. I am also seriously following the lawsuit for flight PS752. This is while there are abouf two months left until the referral of this case to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.
I wish success to the friends of the solidarity group and I hope that one day in the shadow of the victory of the women’s revolution, life and freedom in ran, all of us will live in democracy, freedom and justice and I hope I will see the punishment of the murderers of Iran’s children with my own eyes.
I neither forget nor forgive.”

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