Iran Survey: A clear indication that the Islamic Republic is not suitable for the majority of Iranians

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“Results reveal dramatic changes in Iranian religiosity, with an increase in secularization and a diversity of faiths and beliefs. Compared with Iran’s 99.5% census figure we found that only 40% identified as Muslim”

Which of the following is closer to your beliefs and faith?

The majority of the population, 72%, opposes the legal obligation to wear the hijab. On the other hand, 57% reports not believing in the practice of wearing the hijab altogether.

Majority of the population, 68% believes that religious prescriptions should be excluded from legislation, even if believers hold a parliamentary majority.

The results also show that the transition from being a religious to non-religious is more common among urban, educated, and younger groups.

More than one-third of the population stated that they drink either occasionally or regularly.

Majority 60% don’t pray.

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