Historical evolution of the Iranian flag

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Being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Iran has a long and rich history. Imagery and symbolism is held on to by Iranians to preserve our story. Many of the key symbols of Iran are represented in artwork and flags of past ruling empires.

Although often a point of contention, the many flags of Iran connect Iranians to their ancestry.

It’s important to note that overlapping timelines are typical in ancient times as multiple dynasties and empires are often in the same region fighting for territory.

To learn more check out Iranian Knowledge volunteer @karoubis‘ series on Iranian flags.

*1335 – 1383: After the downfall of the Mongols, former territories were left in a state of chaos. Typically, local dynasties ruled over their respective towns.

Watch our video below to learn more (pause on individual slides to read the detail):

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