Pirouz the Asiatic Cheetah

Pirouz is suffering from an acute kidney failure

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Pirouz has been suffering from digestive problems and transferred to veterenian hospital.

The central veterinarian said:

“Our investigations in the early hours showed that fortunately there is no intestinal obstruction, but Pirouz is suffering from an acute kidney failure. “At the moment, the condition of the animal is unstable and none of the kidneys are working well in removing toxins, but we hope that the treatments will work and it is very important that the response of the body of Pirouz to these treatments will be positive.”

Pirouz is an Asiatic cheetah born on 1 May 2022. The child of two Asiatic cheetahs named “Iran” and “Firuz”, Pirouz is the only surviving cub of the three that were born. Being one of the last remaining Asiatic cheetahs in the world, Pirouz has reached great popularity since he was born.

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